KKJ Project: Makalonca & Freywille

New month, new coffee spot review. Actually, this time we swapped coffee for a cold and refreshing Aperol Spritz, because it was probably the hottest day this summer.  So, this time we'll be talking about another pretty awesome city center cafe in Ljubljana - Makalonca. The absolutely best thing about Makalonca is their location, right next to the canal of Ljubljanica river, so you can actually feel the nice summer breeze coming right from the river next to you, while sipping your latte or in our case, Apreol :) 

This place is great for breakfast or brunch, with a wide range of flavored lemonades, healthy granola and tasty little sandwiches, they offer some really cool mid-day-snacks and a variety of Mojitos for a nice after work chill out :) The atmosphere gets even better in the late afternoon and night...

This photo shooting was dedicated to Grazia X Freywille cooperation, representing our point of view, that when it comes to jewellery, friends and good times, simply more is more! 
Enjoy :) 

Photo credit: Pia Anžel 

P.s. The colour of the month? Salmon red! It's all about hot Summer days and sweet,
 little things in life. Happy Summer, jewellery lovers!

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