KKJ style: Glamorous Raiven and Tjasa Kokalj Jerala

Since New Year's Eve is coming closer we decided to create a style post with our two favorite pink haired ladies. Raiven and Tjaša
They are both confident women with a unique but totally different sense of style.  We asked them to style up like they would for New Year's Eve. 

Lets take a look, how they combined our sparkling jewellery for the most glamorous night in the year. Both wearing their own clothes and our Royal Necklace in different colors! 


Special thanks to STOW kavarna for hosting us! 

Tjaša is wearing our Royal Necklace in red color, made of Swarovski elements, Pearls, Czech Crystal on a copper base - one of a kind - buy here.
Raiven is weaing the same model in pink/green combo, also made of sparkling Swarovski elements combined with Pearls and Czech Crystal on a copper base - only one available - buy here.

Each Katja Koselj Jewellery Statement Necklace is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our atelier in Ljubljana.

Photo @Majadreamland

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