She was my first customer, my first model, the first official face and ambassador of Katja Koselj Jewellery. And after so many years, numerous fashion shows, projects, events and all the up's and down's in our lives, she is still my biggest fan and supporter. 
One could think, after so many years it was the only logical decision to get her bridal Jewellery done by me. Well, I was not so sure... She is getting offers from all around the globe and could afford anything she wants. I was truly touched and deeply honored to be chosen to design her Bridal Jewellery. Actually it was a very easy job, because she knew exactly what she wanted: the model, the color, the stones and every detail. She chose the Drop model, which I think was her favorite for the last couple of years. She had been wearing this model for some events and they fit her perfectly.
I am not supposed to do any advertisement, all I can say is that their wedding was truly magical.  Thank you so much for sharing this pictures of your most beautiful moments with us! Love you *** 

Photo: Matjaž Očko 

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