KKJ PROJECT: nr. 1 Kavarna Moderna

Since 2016 is still a brand new year we decided to create a beautiful golden jewellery 
atmosphere in Kavarna Moderna with a motto: new year, new beginning. In short: 
gold colour as a colour of bright and successful future. 

We tasted delicious Macarons (we recommend you yummy mango, coconut, 
lavender & orange)  and enjoyed great coffee & atmosphere. When it comes to Kavarna 
Moderna we definitely need to mention their gorgeous Coffee Art. It's a quite new thing 
in Ljubljana & we love it.  So, don't hesitate to order one... It's tasty and beautiful, win win
 situation! :) But it's not just about the coffee, we pretty much fell in love with fresh prepared
 pies and the most fragrant tea in the world (fruit tea Althaus) as well.  Bunch of reasons 
why you should visit this cool, "IT" coffee spot during your free time. For extra relaxing 
bonus you can also take a look into the official gallery & take a walk to the largest and 
greenest city park Tivoli.

 P.s. Our jewellery stars were model GODDESS & costume made statement necklace.

Opened from Tuesday to Sunday; from 10.00 to 18.00 

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