Miss Marika's Wedding

Marika and Jernej are our January wedding couple, even though they got married last June. Well, Marika is kind of a celebrity in Slovenia and the pictures were hard to get ;) I know Marika since 2010, when she became Miss Universe Slovenia. For some years I was her official Jewellery Stylist and Marika also posed for some of Katja Koselj Jewellery Adds. After years when our official contract has ended, our friendship just began. I was honored she picked me to design her most important Jewellery ever. 

The bride is wearing a gorgeous handmade set of Hair Accessories and a bridal Bracelet. The Jewellery was made-to-order in combination of our traditional style and the brides wishes.  

Photo: Manuel Kalman, www.dandelion.si

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  1. Their in-house catering is remarkable. The food was delicious. So many of our guests (including and especially the foodies) have told us it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding. The service at wedding venues was impeccable but not overly formal.


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