Katja Koselj Jewellery on Viktorji

Two weeks ago Slovenian elite gathered together to mark the most memorable TV show, a TV host, a radio, a news broadcast of the last year ... and the most important – Viktor for a lifetime work.

Our eyes were besides on the winners focused on dressing. The most often women choice was a long dress which made a glamorous, feminine and elegant look. Some of them (Tjaša Kokalj, Isabela Kavšek, Stefanija Bojić, Pia Škofic) had decided to put on statement piece of jewellery by our Katja Koselj which made the whole look a lot more interesting.
On the pictures below you can see looks on Viktorji combined with Katja Koselj Jewellery.

1. Tjaša Kokalj - a model and a TV host of TOP4 - wearing green unique earings by Katja Koselj Jewellery

2. Pia Škofic - a weather forecaster on Planet TV - wearing statement Katja Koselj necklace and Isabela Kavšek - an illustrator - wearing oKKo earings

3. Stefanija Bojić - a model and a TV host of Future Brides - wearing a blue ring by Katja Koselj Jewellery

Photos by Instagram and personal archive by Tjaša Kokalj, Pia Škofic, Isabela Kavšek and Stefanija Bojić

If you are looking for special occasion jewellery contact us on info@katjakoselj.com 

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